simplensmart is a web base school management system which is very flexible to use, it is designed for Primary and secondary Schools

Because simplensmart is the cheapest school management software you can find and it has rich features which helps the school save overhead cost.

You can fill the contact/enquiry form to get started.

NO! it is not free but there is a demo version with limited features and it is free.

simplensmart is designed for school proprietors, Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Students.

No, simplensmart as the name implies is very simple and easy to use, it is designed with computer begginners in mind, there is a sotfware user guide/mannual which can help you use the apllication, but you can request for training if you wish.

As soon as we the neccessary information about your school, setup will be completed in about 3-5 working days

After contacting us an email will be sent to you where u can follow the instructions to submit the online school details form

Yes! it is safe and secure, simplensmart have a very powerful cloud security support and all your transactions are secure using SSL certificate, same standard for any eCommerce website.

User mannual is avaible to subscribers only and it can be found on the documentation section of the application page.